5 in 1 Ultrasonic Ultimate Indoor Pest Repeller

  • Indoor 5-in-1 electronic rodent and insect repeller

  • Get rid of mice, rats, roaches, scorpions and more

  • Keep pests out of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other indoor areas

  • For a limited time, save 40% when you buy the Ultimate AT 3-Pack

  • Transform your home or business into a pest-free zone
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Ultimate Pest Repeller Features
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Brand: Good-Life 
Model: ‎Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT
Color: White 
Quantity: 3-Pack
Coverage Coverage: Up to 5,000 ft2 (sound will bounce off of solid barriers)
Ultrasonic Wave Interval: 1~4 sec. on, 0.5~2 sec. off
Electromagnetic Pulse Interval: 0.5~2 sec. on, 1~4 sec. off Power
Power: AC 110 v; 60 Hz Consumption: 8 W
AC pass-through: 50 W max
Warranty: 1-Year manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions: 4.72″ × 2.76″ × 1.77″
Package includes
Baseus Monitor Light Bar x 1
USB-A to USB-C cable(5ft/1.5m) x 1
User Guide x 1
Certificates & Manuals
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Column Image
Ultimate Pest Repeller
How It Works
High-Pressure Ultrasonic Technology
Invading pests are flooded with loud, disorienting noise while you don't hear a thing. This unpleasant sound ricochets off walls and other solid objects forcing pests to flee the area. Ultrasonic sound output is specifically designed to target insects, mice, rats, and other rodents.
Electro-Vibrawave Technology
This feature sends pulsing vibrations along the wiring in your home, irritating the nervous systems of insects and rodents hiding deep within your walls. These shifting frequencies are completely safe for you, your pets, and electronics, but pests will have nowhere to hide.
Ultra-Ionic Technology
The Ultimate AT releases streams of beneficial negative ions into the air, similar to those in the atmosphere during a rainstorm. This alone makes pests want to seek shelter elsewhere. In addition, these ions pull pollutants, bacteria and dust mites from the atmosphere, helping neutralize odors that can attract pests.
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Where To Use
Ultimate Pest Repeller
Stop embarrassing roaches from invading your kitchen.
Get rid of nasty ants and silverfish lurking in your bathroom.
Garage Or Attic
Prevent hungry rodents from destroying what's stored in your garage or attic.
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Introducing the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT
This video is a comprehensive review of 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Ultimate Indoor Pest Repeller
Commonly Asked Questions
Do these affect pets such as cats and dogs?
The Ultimate AT is completely harmless to all animals.  Some cats or dogs may be leery of the unit(s) for the first few days, but most will be used to it without any problems.
What pests are repelled by the Pest Repeller?
Ants, rats, roaches, mice, silverfish, centipedes, and scorpions. Although some customers have reported success with these pests, results have varied with spiders, bees, mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.
Is the Ultimate AT safe to use around children?

The Ultimate AT is designed to be perfectly safe to use around people of all ages, including small children and babies.

Is the Ultimate AT safe around pets?

Although the Ultimate AT is safe to use around most house pets, we recommend closely monitoring your pet's behavior for the first 48 hours while using the device.
Cats/Dogs: while rare, it is possible that some cats and dogs may hear the sounds that are produced. Each pet and situation is different, so our Money-Back Guarantee will give you time to use the AT around your pets and ensure it doesn't bother them.
Birds: birds vary so much in size, breed and behavior. We have no way to guarantee the Ultimate AT will or will not bother your bird. To be safe, we recommend not using the AT in the same room as your bird, or near the birds cage. Some customers have reported their birds seem bothered by the ultrasound; other customers tell us their birds seem just fine.
Fish: fish will not be affected by the Ultimate AT.
Reptiles: reptiles have much lower hearing ranges than mammals (i.e. people, dogs, cats, and rodents), so they will not be affected by the device. This also means that it cannot be used to repel reptile pests.
Rodent pets: rodent pets include rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, degus, prairie dogs, and sugar gliders. Since the Ultimate AT uses ultrasonic sound designed to repel rodents, your rodent pets will be bothered by this unit. But, since ultrasound does not go through walls, rodent pets can be kept safely in a bedroom (or another room) behind a closed door. Your pet will also be safe if the device is used on the other side of the home, or on a different floor of your home, or if the pet is outdoors and the AT repeller used is indoors.

How long before I see results?
Although many customers report results within a few days, we recommend you give the Ultimate AT 2–4 weeks to completely eradicate your pests. Results can vary depending on the type of pests, location, and degree of infestation. Note: be aware that under some situations of extreme drought or other adverse conditions, the pressure on any creature becomes so great that survival overrules any deterrent.
Will I hear or smell the Ultimate AT?
The sounds emitted from the Ultimate AT are above the normal human hearing range, although some people can hear a very faint beeping sound (virtually undetectable). The AT sends out negative ions to trick pests sense of smell to think a storm is approaching (similar to the smell before a rain storm). However, these smells are undetectable to humans. The Ultimate AT will have no noticeable odors.
What are the three blinking lights?
The red light shows you when the Electro-Vibrawave® technology sends vibrations through your wiring. The green light blinks when the Ultrasonic sound is emitted. The yellow light represents the Ionic feature. The red and green lights will blink intermittently as the ultrasonic and Electro-Vibrawave technologies are used at random intervals to constantly startle the pests and prevent them from getting used to these sounds. The yellow light will be on all the time because the AT is constantly emitting negative ions.

What if I don't see any lights blinking?

First try plugging your Ultimate AT into a different outlet. If that doesn't help the unit might be faulty. Good Life works hard to maintain the highest level of product quality and we will be happy to replace this for you under warranty. Please contact our Customer Care Center to obtain an RMA number for an exchange.
Do you offer bulk discounts?
Please send us an email at support@generu.co and we'll check if we have any running offer.
Can I return this product?

If you are not satisfied with our product. Please kindly contact us before you open the return request.

If you aren't 100% satisfied in the 30-day trial period, you are welcome to return your order for a refund of the product price minus shipping

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+1 833 431-2470
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5 in 1 Ultrasonic Ultimate Indoor Pest Repeller

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